An entire year ago, I swore an oath of s

Tuesday’s Butler/Banks Blog Tour Author is Crystal Connor.  Check out below, what she has to say.

An entire year ago, I swore an oath of secrecy when I agreed to co-write a book with

paranormal-romance author Lori Titus under the pen name of Connor Titus. The reason, in the

beginning, for the vow of silence was simply for the sake of peace.

Now this is in no way meant to be a complaint, but my fans take their jobs seriously. It takes

about a year for me to write a book, but just a month or two after announcing a new WIP that’s

all my fans talk to me about, and writing is all they want me to do.

I know some of you remember me posting in ‘Walgreens incident.’ Two weeks after the release

of Book II: Artificial Light I was standing in line in Walgreen and asked the woman in front of

me where she got her drop dead gorgeous shoes. When she turned to tell me, I was recognized,

and she demanded to know why I wasn’t at home writing. Sadly she didn’t tell me where she got

her shoes.

If my fans had found out that I had teamed up with Lori their excitement would have been

too much especially because at the time we where both working on our own books which of

course held more priority than a joint project, so we didn’t even know when this book would be


About a 3rd

saver, because we started to realize that we were going to be writing two books. And at that

moment it stopped being about peace and immediately became a trade secret.

“One catastrophe. One Town. One story told two different ways.”

We co-wrote, two, stand alone books about the same thing.

We’d never heard of anyone doing that before and because it’s such an insanely original idea

or had been done which such infrequency that the concept isn’t widely known we didn’t want

anyone finding out what we were doing and beat us to the punch.

Once the decision was made that this story was going to be told from two different points of

views, we also made the decision to not only stop working together, but to also not to talk to

each other about what was written from that moment forth. I mean we went into complete radio

silence, we didn’t even see each other’s cover until they were revealed earlier this month as

part of our blog tour. We did this because we didn’t want to influence each and judging by the

reviews that turned out to be a really good move.

After our books were shipped off to the editor Lori and I decided to interview each other for our

own blogs. Those interviews turned out to be a blast and that’s what I am going to share with you


of the way into the project, the fact that mum was the word literally became a life

The Wordsmith: Ok, 1st

that you prefer Pepsi over Coca~Cola. Is that true?

off I need to get something off my chest. I heard through the grapevine

Lori: Yes, I’m a Pepsi drinker,

The Wordsmith: Oh hell no, this is a crime against the Crown. This interview is over, we’re not

friends anymore. Lol I’m just kidding.

Lori: LOL! But I drink Coke if I’m at a place and that’s what they’re selling. I still get the

specific craving for Coca Cola now and again.

The Wordsmith: Oh, okay …good save cuz I was about to send you straight to the gallows. I

write straight up horror with a service of science fiction and dark fantasy on the side. As a rising

star in paranormal romance what was it that made you want to be a part of the Mt. Empyreal


Lori: I think of dark fiction as being one genre, whether it includes romance or science fiction.

I love anything that challenges the characters with something greater than themselves, and

that was definitely the obstacle our characters faced in the Keep. Since I’m a huge romantic,

something of that always comes through. I couldn’t write you a cookbook without some

reference to romance in there.

The Wordsmith: OMG that’s so true! I knew from the beginning that the story would have

elements of romance but you do it really well so I wasn’t worried. That’s one of the things that

interested me in co-authoring with you is…

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