That Guy – Part One

I’m “That Guy”

I am That guy you may have labeled a plan “B” guy.

I am That Guy you remained friends with on the chance you were to find yourself 30 and single.

I am That Guy you wanted your daughter to marry. I am That Guy you wanted your sister to go out with.

I am That Guy who never lied to a woman to get what I wanted, no not once. And very seldom have I chased a girl I didn’t really want. Never have I dated a woman simply to notch my belt.

I am That Guy who refused to claim conquests I had not made.

I am That Guy who understood the game, but refused to play.

But I’m also that guy, who between studying engineering, computer science, working and being the primary in-home caregiver for a terminally ill mother, was too underprepared and too overwhelmed to mature much socially during college.

I am still that guy that was raised to “speak” when I see someone I know, even when the world has passed me by.

I’m also that guy who realizes that years from now, should I be blessed to reach old age, I may look back and for a moment wonder, what might have been? What if I had been a little more selfish? What if I had crossed the yellow line of life just because? I know that these moments will come, because they’re already here.

I can only hope that when I look into the eyes of my loved ones and those I have loved who have preceeded me into glory, that I remember that these are not the right questions. For the question is really, what would have been, had God not been with me in those moments of decision? For if one should assume that I am “that guy”, it is not by my own merit, for I am just like any other guy. I am simply a guy whom God smiled upon within those critical moments. I am humbled, grateful and blessed to be that guy.



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