You want to marginalize me, Democrat or Republican, conservative or liberal.

You try to limit me by the color of my skin, be it pale or brown or somewhere in between.

These labels that ease your world, imprison mine.

To objectify me, allows you to disengage or to stoke an unspoken rage.


And what if…

What if you could just let me be? What if we all could just wait and see?

What if we could move beyond this ancient need to know,

This primeval need to pre-judge, friend or foe?


What then…

Would the things be different, if I opened my heart and let you in?

What if I made a commitment, to share the love I’ve been given?

What then…

If you should forget the lies you’ve been given, would the world end?

If we should remember the truth we should be living, what might begin?

Please visit to purchase the book To Wrestle With Darkness, and to see other works, including a dynamic piece dealing with spirituality and rapid church development.


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