On today, Mother’s Day, it is humbling to think on all the mothers that have preceded each of us.

To think that our very existence here today is the result of a series of mothers who refused to give up.

From the young mother in Africa, who soldiered through during drought and famine.

To the mother bound in chains and carried across the ocean in the hull of a ship, the sick and dying all around her and yet she refused to give up.

From the young mother who decided to endure her master’s growing seed inside of her.

To my own mother who, in a segregated south, had the vision to see something better for her children.

From the hand of He that was, is and ever shall be, star begot star.

To each which brought life forth, the chain has remained unbroken. And I and each of you are the fruit of their labor.

I don’t know that my words could ever express the sincere love and appreciation I have for all the mothers and nurturers. I only ask that you not hold my limitations against the love I hold in my heart for each of you.

God Bless.

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