A Dark Moment

In my dark moments, which threaten to consume me, You maintain an ember within me that refuses to die. The darker the night, the brighter it appears, guiding me back to You.

In my dark moments, the weight of existing and the pain of loving those who, in their own moments, do not understand love as I do, grieves me so. My existence, as I wish to be, is incompatible with who they are today. And if I told them of my path, of my past, of my persistent torment, would they love me any more? If I gave myself totally away, would I still be in debt?

In my dark moments, Your light remains. And fueled by Your love, I walk on through this life and beyond. That is my testimony and my gift.


Please visit www.towrestlewithdarkness.com to see other works or to purchase the book To Wrestle with Darkness.

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