The Relationship Ten Commandments for Women

PSA: Print and post this in your car on the back side of your sun visor.


1) How he treats others is how he will someday treat you.

2) The secret lies not in what you attract, but rather in what you let in.

3) Just because he likes you, doesn’t mean he’s trying to get with you

    and just because he’s trying to get with you, doesn’t mean he likes you. Sorry. 

4) Better to entertain the doubts of a wise friend, than the certainty of a fool. Listen now, or cry later.

5) Given enough time, every player will eventually play himself. It’s like a cosmic law or something.

6) A man who can be bought is not worth a dime, but a man who can’t, is priceless.

7) You can’t change a man. What don’t you understand about that?

8) Respect his mama, no matter how you feel.

9) If he won’t work hard for himself, why would he do so for you? Seriously, why?

10) You get what you advertise for.

In summation: The best man is the one that puts God first, you second and himself last. Most will see this statement as preachy, but some will understand the importance of having an internal compass rather than an external one.

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